Least dreaded outcome is love

He had a lead finger in my moat.Call my MP for a comparison.
I am dreading your writes after the weekend.

I am dreading you rites too.
Write me a letter or zoom in and speak
I shall reel with it,roll with it and be wry with it.
I felt a fatal blow from a light breeze.
Dreading a thousand cuts,I hung myself in the wardrobe.Not easy.
You look so dear in my downlighters I could just kiss you.But are you human?
Don’t get dressed today.Let me examine you with a fine tooth comb please.It’s just a game I invented,
I rhymed it a bit rough today.It’s this cough.
Please dig for the old today.We need potatoes and ants and will roast any worms with the batter.Worm in the Hole
Why dig yourself into a hole when God will do it free?
Do dip your toe into the water or you can’t come to bed.. how about nailing that brush too?
Dirt leaps up allover the floor.Can anyone ask for a broom
Do as I pray and sell me on E bay
Least said,easiest defended.
Why walk with hauteur on out water?It’s just filth
Do not look so awry.I hate it.
Awry in the bed,what more to be said?


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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