Cliches that got mixed up

But the shoal in my head swim all night,doctor.What shall I do?

Marry an angler,madam.

Will he catch them?

No,but he will take your mind away

But am I whole,doctor? What would it mean? Can you tell?

Yes,half of you is in the waiting room.

Wow…is it my soul?

I fear so,dear.

Shut your coal in the cellar in case Mrs Thatcher’s ghost passes and sees it

She will privatize you and send police to thwart you.

I  butted his wrath into another dimension.
I was sick as a  water phobic frog on  the rocks
Stick to death of the government
  I was wined, sealed yet bothered to care for him

Was he there for you?

No,but he was bare for me.

Silence  in  the home is an old idea

So why did it not work?

We need to talk

Silence is good for your hearers

But they will not be hearers anymore!

A paradox.

  Do you sing like  you are blurred?

Get your larynx tested.


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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