Lavender’s blue

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                  By Katherine  Marmalade October 2013

I made love to a tree with no leaves.
Well,I had no clothes on myself so I   was correct
And they say all is flair in love with a toy
Please make no groans about it
It was make love or break down for me
So don’t make out I am less than candid.
I made the glade at noon…on i tunes
And made tracks too in the grass.
I took some pics and caught no pox
I am not making it up really,it just comes in through a hole in my head
Don’t take to raving all night.I won’t heed you
And the tree trunk made your love seem out of sorts.
Why your love makes my blood feel like a coil of wire.
Faking leaves a lady aching!
Love is a phantasm with no orgasm.
No coronary spasm
is as good as a bird in a rush.
Too many books have spelled out wrath. for no reason
So roll your stone
and look for your marbles.
I’m aflame for a laugh…
That’s a free Plath for Hughes

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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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