The wrong end of the stick

1.Yes,Father.I killed a man with my bare hands..

My child,have you no gloves?

2.Oh,Father,I heard God is dead!

That Nietzsche! I’ll kill him.But he’s dead too

What do you mean,too?

3.Father,I have no sins to confess.

Have you no consideration for my needs?I look forward to your sins

I’ll try harder next week.I’ll sleep with my boyfriend.

Thanks so much.

4.Father I prayed in a Synagogue

That is not a sin

Thank Gog fort that.

But why did you do it?

My friend was polishing the floor…

Is she Jewish?

Yes, she’s descended from Solomon

I’ll take that with aa pinch of salt

Are you Jewish?They like salt beef.

You need lessons in logic.

Oh,no!I don’t want them.

Here they are.Swallow one syllogism morning and evening

Thank you,doctor


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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