Funny notions


Around the unborn it’s lonesome to dwell forever unrestes
As all get out  half way  up path,none arrive in heaven
She’s as beautiful as the way is wrong,I am happy to delay.
As tense as a Londoner‘s  hug  was,it was better than snuffing it on the floor.
As far as I can pee,there’s nothing but slugs
As bloody as gold,speaking metagogically

As whiff!You pong so!
As luck would grab it I hid it first
As plain as the rose on your lingerie lace
As slender as mother’s apple tart kept me..I was irresistible on the table
As the cow flies,the bull grew wings.That’s logic for you.
as time harasses me,I ask,why?
As useful as a dead baboon
As welcome as a monk at a  wife swapping party
As ye sew, so shall ye weep as I prick ye again
Too many jokes oil my path,so I tumble down again


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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