Lonely or human?

Ain't That Lonely Yet

Ain’t That Lonely Yet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

General Practitioner Services

General Practitioner Services (Photo credit: the justified sinner)

You know when you are really truly lonely

when you haven’t even got any enemies

when your GP says only to go  there once a week

and so does the priest after hearing your fifth confession today

and you can’t go to A and E  as it’s closed down

and you help all old people blind or not across roads

and you go  to the dentist once a month even though you are broke and have only two teeth

and your mouth has dried up so you can’t speak

and your phone is dusty

English: Francisco Vallés Español: Francisco V...

English: Francisco Vallés Español: Francisco Vallés, médico personal de Felipe II. Grabado de 364 x 242 mm. Cobre; aguafuerte y buril, talla dulce. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and your cat died but you had her stuffed

and you have paranoia because the world loves you

and you pray hourly

and you only dream of deserts


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  2. coolperson1 says:

    I agree we are getting lonelier because people move to look for work.. and visiting is arduous…Interesting post


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