Cry when the cow sulks

royal family cd cover

royal family cd cover (Photo credit: “Cowboy” Ben Alman)

Royal family

Royal family (Photo credit: spacebahr)

He was a back slapper so crazy, his hand went through me and hit my heart.I had a heart attacker… him!
He truly did have baited breath and once a salmon leaped down his throat.I told him it was dangerous but the salmon killed him so we really didn’t enjoyed eating it even when it smoked a cigar by the table.
Will the Royal Family choose baptism by fire for Prince George?
Beauty is in the buys of the beholder
Beauty is only thin it’s not deep
I have a big head and a small tart
Do we cry over cow’s sulks?
Do you feel me press your organ in my sleep; Or am I dreaming?
Does my heart do you good when you kick it/
I am driving my self crazy so I shall get insecurity benefits or is it impurity deficits?First I have to hear a voice offering me advice.. or swearing at me.Hang on,I’ll phone an old blogger who might shout,Bugger!
Life is endless words with no punctuation except when we get stoned…those
may be full stops when we over blow ourselves and the balloonish egoes burst.
Every dog has his stray cat.
Everything’s coming up our noses so block them up.
A faint art never an oil painting shows
I fall head over wheels into a police van; why am I low sunk?
We fall through the cracks that God left in the world…give him credit for uncommon sense
Ban the old blames now!Burn them all or go to hell… it’s your choice.
Are you nurturing an old wound?Seal it off with “super soul and heart glue!” Yoohoo


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