Why did the boy stand on the burning check?


Words (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)

Fire Burning

Fire Burning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t keep petting me.I get too delighted

Why is rain wet?

And  top of the bill was the  Sinner,Cain Man2

Do you  like creative haughtiness?

Do you hate your food?

Where is the saint in a love affair?

I love.Amen to that twit.

Join Twytter and swear  an oath daily.Free for all.No begging,

Eat peas with the stork,please.

I like a man in a masque

What face shall I put on today?/

I wonder who you aren’t

Don’t tell the truth about your tarts.

Her arts are almost disdainful.

You are a disgrace to my homily.

No preaching  bullshit

How many lovers are a bluff?

Do you like to eat crumbs in bed?Bird needed


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  1. Thanks for link back. Great poem!


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