I’m au fait,you are auto da fe.


I CAN EXPLAIN EVERYTHING … (Photo credit: mrbill78636)

What a toad of evil.Re laugh
Damned if you bare and damned if you swear.It’s obscene or a scheme for a wife.
He flinched at my heat and then did a runner.
Strangle a carrot and hunt for a whim.You will be deprived of words
He’s a cart horse trying to make out with a gazelle on steroids
The day came late when a follower took fright and I killed my blog by a blow
What is as dead as door mail?
Think not that the postman is no longer doing a service.
I am late as your dead cats pounced on me by the gate… for ghosts they sure can bite
Dead presidents don’t ring twice
You head wringer!You neck clinger!Leave me alone…don’t torture my verbs
I said it to give my defence not to give offence.Anyway he took offence and ran off
He gave a deadly flow to my brain..he savaged my self esteem.Now mt emotional intelligence has gone  too far
I’m au fait,you’re auto da fe
Health by a thousand cuts this winter in the NHS
I saw fear in his headlights…akka his eyes..
Dig for the cold bloggers in Iceland
Why dip your brow in the water when the horse won’t drink it?
Does dirt weep inside the vacuum cleaner and why do vacuums need cleaning?
You can have milk from my breast… how it got there is a mystery
Do words fly?
Does God ever cry?
And why?


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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