Tutorial. Working from a colour ground, using watercolour/Gouache

So beautiful.just look!

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I am planning to give some tutorials during the coming weeks, and given that I was talking about working from a colour ground at a recent workshop, thought I would begin with this one. 

I am using watercolour and designer gouache for this demo. 

Watercolour is a transparent medium….Designer Gouache is an opaque watercolour medium. 

When applying a colour ground to paper…make sure that it is at least 24 hours dry before working on top of it.

In this instance, using cadmium orange, and whatever else was on my palette, I painted over an old watercolour that didn’t work for me.     This is a great way to use old sketches/paintings. 







In this frame I have begun to sketch out the piano and stool using, a mix of prussian blue and burnt sienna watercolour. 



In frame 3, I add highlights, using Winsor &…

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