Lovers flee

LOVE and CARE for you , my Dearest!!!

LOVE and CARE for you , my Dearest!!! (Photo credit: Thai Jasmine (…Smile..))


When yet another lover flees my bed
and leaves me cold and lonely in the night,
I wonder is it unkind words I may have said,
Or is it that my eyes have lost

Sweet Noise

Sweet Noise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

their light?

I lure them in with all my female arts.
They feel I’m like a spider with a trap.
to lure ,devour,digest my foolish guests,
They think there should be warnings on the map,

But some who find me feel they have been blessed.
I give them my attention and desire
I give them tender care and sing sweet songs.
I give them comfort like a winter fire

Oh,come back,sweet one,don’t desert me yet,
The clothes I washed for you are still quite wet!





About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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