No twit left unmourned


Lear_Book_of_Nonsense_111-.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Naked as an obscene word
Baked like a mocking bird.
Faked like a plastic turd, he fitted in well to this Government of Mules.
Naked is the way I feel adorned.
Fear and tears filled my heart
Fires in tiers made the men start
Flowers in beer made fine running art
A accessory evil…an it bag.
What is a nit bag,mother?
Obscenity is the love of what no one mentions.
Obscenity is not loved by many conventions
My nerves danced the reel.Imagine how you’d feel with your heart in your  left bunion.How  the ventricle?

Lear Book of Nonsense 103.jpg

Lear Book of Nonsense 103.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As impervious as a man on a shit bin roof with a leaden heart on his back
As nervous as a slighted man in a room full of mocking whores.
As nervous as an unread look on she whom you adore


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    We may be amused


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