Zemanta is as bad as Google Translate

English: A relief from Oropos, now in the Perg...

English: A relief from Oropos, now in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin. Original tag on exhibit states: “Weihrelief fur einen Sieg im Wagenrennen bei den Spielen fur den Heros Amphiaraos. Aus Oropos. Anfang 4.Jh.v.Chr. SK 725. Marmor.” which roughly translates to “Votive relief for a victory in the chariot race at the games for the hero Amphiaraos. From Oropos. Early 4th century BC. SK 725th Marble.” (from Google translate) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Google Translate automated translation of Span...

Google Translate automated translation of Spanish text above: In front of this computer today I spent half an hour talking with up cuanrenta people in the “peak time audience,” listening to the conference and participating in worldwide … Interesting that the Breeze … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hott spring dayOne may think using Zemanta to get related images and articles for your post is a good idea.But like Google translate it’s a feeble instrument.For example,it will give you WP blogs relating to the same topic but unless you check them all you maybe getting something trivial or irrelevant.

On Google translate,I got the Spirit is willing,but the meat is feeble translating into and out of  Albanian

What is both  the strength and weakness of blogging it that anyone at all can write about anything at all

Zemanta images are easier to judge


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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