Tears in your eyes

Autumn 2013 070Until the very end of time I’ll be loving you.
Until the end of all my rhymes,I’ll be writing you.
Until the day I die,I’ll be unintentionally annoying you.
Older and older,I’ll never leave you,but I will,no doubt, grieve you and deceive you,misperceive you.
Otherwise I’ll think of you,wink at you and make a hyperlink to you
Still,for ever,I’ll be all over you..looking for fleas in your floes, and
B’s in your Y’s.
I’ll be looking for tears in your eyes
and making you feel surprised.
That’s a love poem,innit?
Wot!I’m British,innit!
Oh, geddit!


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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4 Responses to Tears in your eyes

  1. batoolrumi says:

    This made me smileeeeeee!


  2. jlmartinez815 says:

    To be loved like that, such a great feeling I can only imagine.. 🙂 *sighing with smiles in the heart*


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