You’re on fire

Lear Book of Nonsense 106.jpg

Lear Book of Nonsense 106.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He’s sadder than a wet fountain pen;find his cap!
A man with no hat is like a cat with no whiskers.. he has nothing to guide him through the park
I said it with the cap of my breathalyser off.
He’s made of honey I can smell it!He’s attracting all and sundry….quick!
Why not have an outing to a Dole Hill and stone the crows,as it were?
Letters,they make friends meet in the spirit
I wait for dead fiends or start gales…what’s your goblin doing?
Wake up with a tree up your sleeve tomorrow.
We make no bones about breasts.
Make haste or streak to the town alone…I have stolen your clothes.Signed,your wife.[The unnamed woman in your bed]
They make out,like,a man created the world as God was depressed for aeons.He didn’t even want to get better.Do you believe that?It#s the plot for my novel
They made me grade students so I buy watercolor and grey t hem instead … fifty shades of grey plus mixes!
Make cracks about my poetry and I’ll never leak to you again
Please make me up,Lord.I am your creation,so they say.. so make me betterer
I made Waves for Virginia Woolff and created Mrs.Halo-Hey-Grey in many shades and colours….I’m a genius,in a very real sense
I make you move like no other human… you’re a guerrilla in bed
Religion makes my blood turn to oil.A miracle!I believe a brawling bird… above the storm would still be feared
Faking love sent me round the twist…I invented modern dance.why,i was in a frenzy all night.
A man,for all sorts of reasons,may wish to turn into a woman and vice versa.So if you both marry transsexuals you will be fined.Or redefined as the case might be.
A man’s home is his hassle.
A woman’s home is not her own but hey,that’s good…She gets to live rent free in exchange for being a slave… who could ask for more?
You’re joking…. no,smoking!You’re on fire.I am not a liar.
Seventy years went by mumbling,tick tock tick tock.Why not ask for mercy?
Did they ever say?Who was Sylvia? Nobody special……but someone loved her,at least.

Say no more


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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