Nonsense at bedtime


cat (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))

English: Bust of Nero at the Capitoline Museum...

English: Bust of Nero at the Capitoline Museum, Rome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Call it a day…. to a depressed i person it seems like a century,even a millenium,

So being depressed prolongs life!

I called off the frogs,but they didn’t speak English so they were all over her supine body.
I called her a bitch on the warpath so now  I sleep in the coal shed.
Call  her the hottest woman in the town and she’ll wonder how you can know
Can it bark?Can it  teach exponential nonsense? It’s a brain dogImage
I had can of worms  on and my wife ate them raw…… made me feel dead  weird.
I said ,can  dogs bite,not I want a pint!But since you asked….I’ll have five pints and the dog will have a pot of tea with no sugar.Bedankt voor yer mutter
She smiled as she opened her can of charms….she keeps them hidden deep
Why can’t you have your snake and beat it ?
Why do they say I can’t hold a candle to his ex-wife?I’ll hold an electric fire to her…I’m evil now as being good harmed me.. and how!
I can’t nudge a dirty  book  under  the bed cover since we got a duvet.What is the answer?
  I can’t learn to swim without seducing his daughter…I mean,warming the water!
I can’t say anything rough about him, you know…. he’s got a big fist and I have two black eyes already.I can’t have three!
You can’t tease blood out of a  hare’s lip… ..don’t you have yur own blood?
You can’t teach an old bag like me new tricks,so it’s the missionary’s precision.
Can  a woman carry a sunbeam?It’s light and they’re fantasticImage
  Because of the dancer flaming  up on stage. a fire was lit and it was like Nero was back on earth.I even played my violin.Actually it was a cello but the heat shrank it..I am being dishonest.It only became a viola.The strings are just one octave above the cello’s
He gave me £100   per stroke….now he’s paralysed
Cash in on your hips and have a baby
Cash is flung out daily from the top window… then  it’s blowing in the wind,as it were
Gnash your teeth again please.then say cheese.
Winter casts a long shadow on me… it’s my fiancee following my ass
The cat got my wedding ring.I was totally mute… then I said,Are you getting married and the cat answered:Well a cat may look at a ring!I hope the cat leaves my mobile phone alone.?I saw her kiss it once when it played,Sally,Sally,queen of our alley,you’re more than my whole world to me

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