Can toes feel bliss?


humour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My frame has gone  for a test again
Gang slang… no bells rang in my head
Let  the ball  start folding when you reach the boundary  value problem
Set your life with gelatine.
Polish your shoes with cream of calculi
Get a broomstick on wheels.. you’ll bebewitched
Get a bird in the hedge to tell lies for you
Get a call mucked up by Nogaphone
Get a briar full  of sorrow to smoke
Get back   into the hearse,sir
Let her get out while the rowing’s  in a flood
Met a crotch down the close once.In a clinch
She has that frown without days are jumbled
I never let it  disinfect me
Tetalogue or decalogue…it’s up to la rue now
Did you believe in  a  Sacred Rod?
Please set  me off  now    .I’m a clockwork collage
They set out  from my hedge but it’s not my defeasibility
Get out  of my bier…I  just need to be alone
Get out my hair.I have nits already
Get over my  rump now
What a  nook for a love in.Who shall we loan?
Drink  to  his ass for it is perfectly tensed
Get up off that cat,,,I need it to kill a rat
Sex with a slogan.Lust  if you must………..but do not  ever dust
Sex and you both harm me
Get your  luck into flow…Mihail told you so
Can feet laugh?

English: Boundary value problem for an arbitra...

English: Boundary value problem for an arbitrary shape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can lips hiss?Can toes feel bliss?


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