Take the pleasing way out


He loves her twinkling ankles.
She like his waves
Her smile is discreet and she is very fleet
He prefers her bosom to Abraham‘s!
He loves himself so he goes Dutch on dates.
He takes a long walk after a short wank.
I take a witch there,she will blast the grove with  my wandering eyes
I take a nip of brandy which comes in handy and I feel dandy lions all over me
Why not bare yourself and a bum may come by
I shake till I arrive then I quiver all through dinner.I’m in a fright all night.At dawn I get the blues.I drink tea till I ooze.
Wake me easy…take my knees off
Forsake him and his fleas.I’m off.
I bake it with a flake of sense
I’ll take one snap, so beam now.
Wake her and knock off that awhile
I take the bull by the forlorn women.
I take the well endowed out for the lame
Take the pleasing way out
Take her lover off,I’m the doctor.

Dr Who?


About Kate Thwaite

I love writing , conversation, art, wild flowers, music and air.And books
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