Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation | General | Times Higher Education

English: English band "Hurts" while ...

English: English band “Hurts” while performing at “Magazzini Generali” in Milano, Italy Italiano: Il gruppo inglese “Hurts”, mentre si esibiscono ai “magazzini Generali” a Milano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love Hurts (Incubus song)

Love Hurts (Incubus song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation | General | Times Higher Education.


This is truly fascinating.Love is not determined by our personalities alone.The nature of our society affects how we can feel.It seems since more “equality” came in…[ironic smile] that eroticism has declined.I wonder if that’s why soft porn novels are so popular… people are trying to feel more erotic?So if you are able to write  Sixty Maids  in the Hay you can become rich even though you may still feel no love.

Forty wanks in the bank

Fifty  semi-ruined romances

Thirty tumbles in the jungle

Ninety naughty nude knights at arms

Ten good men and how I found them

Ten swingers with bling


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