Please thrash your hands well before eating them

English: Fish and chips traditionally wrapped ...

English: Fish and chips traditionally wrapped in white paper (for hygiene) and then newspaper; frequently eaten with tartar sauce and ketchup; Stromness, Orkney. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Friday Cat Blogging, Hurry!

Friday Cat Blogging, Hurry! (Photo credit: cobalt123)



  • Please do not overbake on narrow roads.Think of other losers.
    You cannot seat your own food in this cafe.
    Please thrash your hands before eating.
    Coffee free with disorder.No panic.
    Dot of tea,red and bitter,served with all orders.Milk avoidable by bequest.
    Fish and whips while you mate.
    Beefburgers,100% horsemeat, served here with microchips
    Chips  free with all sand witches.
    Let them eat bait
    Spare the cod and boil the child.
    Battered cod on Fridays after Mass.No bullying free
    Friday is no longer a day of absence for Catholics.
    Got to Mass and prey om women.
    Wear your best cat in the Synagogue this Sabbath.Make it special
    Jewish Cookery books free to first comer.Owner divorced from loyalty to husband.
    If bad tempered please play with yourselves instead of coming to the dance.
    See here on Sunday… Jesus is the Word.
    No sermons during Class by order
    Do you eat hake?Come phising tomorrow
    Discover the toy of sex.Workshop on Mondays





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