38 Dishonest Tricks of Argument by Thouless

Ancient Greek alphabet

Ancient Greek alphabet (Photo credit: GeoNando)


Solomon (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

Pan(Straight and Crooked Thinking)

Pan(Straight and Crooked Thinking) (Photo credit: danielweiresq)

The first four letters of the Ashuri alphabet;...

The first four letters of the Ashuri alphabet; using the font DavkaStam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

38 Dishonest Tricks of Argument Thouless

I have  got this book somewhere :Straight and Crooked Thinking by Robert Thouless and it’s very good….Logic is important but all sorts of tricks can be used to persuade us of viewpoint which may be untrue

This is a fascinating website too.. if  you’d like to know more about the Hebrew alphabet and how crucial it is for it Christians to see the importance of  the Hebrew Bible and to understand it…

And look out for my new book

Nerds of the Bible [smile]

with apologies to Solomon


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