7 signs you might be a narcissist



7 signs you might be a narcissist.

This website RAPPLER is a very interesting….news,stories,ideas.. see my next post.

There seems to be a feeling we are all getting more narcisssistic…more self centred, feeling more entitled .But strictly speaking it’s a psychological developmental problem which occurs when a little child fails to receive the care they need to feel happy with themselves.So they feel a certain shame which is agony and stops them growing into understanding that other people are real and not just objects to be used.They develop ways of trying to prove themselves superior…to feel grand and wonderful and to obtain acclaim.

But they cannot be truly happy when they cannot have a good,deep relationship with anyone

Really they are very sad people who can do damage…George W Bush is one case….many times they are  very charming and powerful.

I believe charming people should  be treated with caution.What are they after?They can pick out vulnerable folk and latch onto them

Be content with the ordinary and avoid these people if you can…Unless you are one… maybe many of us have a touch of it?


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