There’s many a true word spoken to test.

Cats five

There’s many a true word spoken to test.
Was it ever true that mother knew best?
And is it wrong to begin a sentence with words such as “but”?
Or will you merely look like an ass with no foot
There’s many a slip between top and hip.
Is there time now for my daily quip?
But should you wish to start your sentence with “and”,
Make sure you study lines of the land
There’s many a lie that’s told in terror.
And many good actions are done in error.
Moreover,if you think that logic is essential for men
Never end a sentence with words such as “when.”
Rules are useless when gambling with crooks.
Never use words that are rude such as “fux.”
Thus if you are still with me at this rage of the game..
Fill out this form and set it aflame


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