Several Of Santa’s Elves Arrested For Selling Spots On The Nice List

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

North PoleAs the calendar turns to December, it looks like scandal has rocked the North Pole, Modern Philosophers.

My sources at Santa’s Village tell me that North Pole Police raided Santa’s Workshop just after 9:00AM, and arrested several Elves, who have been charged with accepting bribes to move children from the Naughty List to the Nice List.

My sources report that while Santa Claus was aware of the police action, he was not on hand to witness it.  “Santa wants to believe that they are all Nice until proven Naughty,” one Elf told this Modern Philosopher.  “At the same time, he is so sickened by it all that he couldn’t bring himself to be here when the police arrived.”

SAnta CopNorth Pole Chief of Police Victor Gulag spoke to this Modern Philosopher.  “Santa told me that I could trust you, but I don’t feel comfortable revealing too many details right now while…

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