Almost the beginning of the last year

How my heart speaks

  • Incidentally at the mall” – Counting Sales

    “Anarchy in the Class War.” -Police Bristols

    “Along Comes Trouble.” by W.Grout

    “Captain Slacker” -Billy Joe

    “Capello of Limes” -Dixie Jupp

    “China Cup” -Market shop

    “Dearest biscuit,I’ll eat you now!: Recipes for lovers ” by Kate Bakestate

    “Desperanto…the new language” By K.Saythwaite

    “Loved her rarely but well..I cannot tell”.. Blindman and his Aunt

    “Everyday is People’s Day” Ms.Dina Moll in song with 1000 others

    “Elena and Quisling.Espionage ans me.” by A,Narcissistic-Thwaite

    “Exquisite Red Guy” by K.Marxthwaite

    “Wednesday Evening at 10 oclock…..she’s home again” by the Gnatthwaites

    “Will you kiss me tonight with a scone?” by A.Farmer-Wifethwaite

    Are you bard?
    Email me at


    The bard in your yard

    Oh,get me the lice and the wits
    Do get a gloom,Kierkegaard
    I’ll fit the bard in sideways
    I get all perked up
    I bough him hear plugs

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About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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