No rhyming allowed…

How my heart speaks

 Darkish blue abstract from paint
Nonsense makes the heart grow mankier
 Whenever the sun rhymes,I shall chime
My face is  wholier  another soul

Do you love my new words ?I make them up now and zen

He keeps his face up his sleeve so his glasses don’t get raindrops on
How did Hercules like  my wheezes?
I like  acid best.I  still wrote a sssssharp  will o’ the wisp
A corn doesn’t fall far from the nose unless you cut it off.
Reactions speak louder than worlds.
You are so dear my own heart  feels like yours.It’s heartmony..I hope you feel the same way
Ah, to be strung  out and relished…bit by bit
I am pairing dirty laundry with dirty books…read my whips..
He is all tense like a  trapped snake. And his eyes look like ice on LSD.Steer the bell clear and go up a gear.

No  fear hurts like a cold fear.


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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