Catcher of the awry

Stick deodorant (blur)

Stick deodorant (blur) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John Deere 1710D Eco III

John Deere 1710D Eco III (Photo credit: Màrtainn)

Face with color 3

I’ve got a pain in my aspirations,doctor.
Tainted yourself into a corner again?
Buy a deodorant at once.
The choice is yours.To smell or not to smell?That is my prediction
Pandora’s locks…..can you break them?
He capers all over me,doctor.Shall I woo him or do him in?
Are you expedient in these heart shatters?
Yes,Ive gone as mad or madder
A shapely tiger got loose and entranced the crowd till it ate me.
You who have eyes to see,be mateful.
John passes all ways,all gays and all plays… is he incorrect?
Will you pass the cat around now?
She passed by with such trying colors.
She crossed me with crying horrors and more unknown tomorrows..
Let me doubt now, if you tease.
He always took the path of least persistence.And he did so very hell for himself.
She felt the wrath of his insistence.
She knew the path of his consistence.
She has become partially discontentinent you have any disposable happiness on sale here ?
Their love affair is pay as you row.They will soon be wealthy.
Let me not to the flurries of true passion admit a calmness.
What is love if not a plaster?Present dearth is no mean grafter
Catcher of the awry.
Pun your way to Heaven and meet all the writers there


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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