I got infinity ‘side of my head.


I was once a poor student
In desperate straits
Trying to keep myself warm
I was once a young lady
with eyes like blue pearls
Sighing for the love that was lorn.
But then my self changed s I was silence reborn.
I’ve got infinity inside my head
And the writing is on my own brain.

I’ll sing of tit willows
And flowers in spring
That dance among the tall corn.
How you were a stranger
but I knew your name.
And we danced to an ancient rhythm,.
Now I’m an old lady
With patience and heart.
I’m happy to see a new dawn.
I’ve got infinity inside my head.
And the writing gives infinity form.

Sing and be merry for soon sunshine returns
And birds begin building their nests.
Sing and be merry for as the world turns
Minds and hearts fill up with zest.

For I’ve got infinity inside my head
And I create songs with a rhythm.


About Kate Thwaite

I love writing , conversation, art, wild flowers, music and air.And books
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