My boyfriend is black from the dead : and other unlikely notions

    Homer was a barrier to progress.Sorry,he was a barrister  for the homeless
    I ban heart breakers from any rights
    My boyfriend came back from the dead as God said he’s not cooked properly yet.I can’t believe it!He was simmering with rage for days.
    He gave me a crap handed compliment.In briefs and his own best vest,he insulted me to my face and about my face!Why can’t he look down?
    He will be black in a sec in the old coal miners ballroom
    Should one put the horse onto the saddle?
    Oh,back it up and leap on
    My mum was a back seat driver;she had long arms and long sight,you see.I don’t see so I drive from the front…
    I said, are you a backstabber.and he stabbed me in the chest but only with a drawing pin.
    And what a draw it was…women love to tend to me.God may know why.I am not handsome but I have that special,Je ne baise moi!Well the French never wash and look at them…like rabbits.
    Now children, we are back to squaring one again.It’s the only number equal to its own square and it has two square roots.It sounds like my husband,if you catch my implicit meaning,Now implicit functions,that is a deep topic in higher mathematics.. or should we say,lower mathematics as we are mixing the similes too much not to mention the cliches and the metaphors.It’s like Greek to me.Thank God I know no Hebrew…it would be such a strain on my brain.

    Backs to the drawing boards.the artists fought off the invading poets to no avail.Now all the pictures have titles…… just like the Royal family.What a joy.

    Back to the salty pines on Holkham Beach…. a good place to get lost and even meet the Queen
    What is a backhanded compliment for? Answer briefly and fully without loosing in a thesaurus… not that you common people have them….THUD.Another right wing teacher is struck down by God…. or rather it was a catapult with a brick but I saw they used them in the Bible so it’s ethically acceptable I believe.Yes,I do
    Ah come off? Now come on.Alot of the Bible is vicious….cutting off men’ s hair…Why di9d Samson have long hair… no=one I know around here does.Beards,yes.Hair…. not much.
    And even beards have drawbacks.Washing them is a burden…could you have a false one like a wig?Here’s where I may have got a bright idea!



About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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