The wrong cliche

I  was wedded to slights so I asked for a divorce on the grounds of boredom.
Please reel with zip
I sent a fatal crow over to him with a message
I bent a mortal bow and fired at the unicorn as it flew awry
Deep nicks marred his chin.Why not grow a beard, I said.He cut my throat with hisses
You look so dear .yet still a fright.I am unsure how you ravage it
He’s  like diamond in the  pigs’ trough
We dug for the moles and they are terribly rude.No gratitude at all.
I dig myself into a hole in my mattress to sleep.It’s india rubber
  Drip your flow into the water dolorosa to augment it
  Is dirt cheap?
What is the wrong entry?
Do as i pray and not as i say
Do birds fry eggs?
He said do or die so I dyed my  inside out
  Flu is your crutch?
Give anew unto others
  I shall dry William Blake

Do you feel me when I feel you?

Who is the real me

Life  does my heart  in good

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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