Not dead yet and other English humor!

“Not dead yet” was a phrase that was part of a comic act here on TV… it’s that odd humour here in England.

If we meet we say:How are you?

And this is what we say

Fine thanks.In the pink.

Feeling groovy.
Could be worse I suppose.
Think I’ve got that bug that’s going round on the flights to the UFO
Still here…I think
Still alive,just about.
I would have fallen over in front of a bus except the dog would miss me.
Not dead yet.
Could be better.
Why do you ask?
Have we been introduced?
You look vaguely familiar.Are we married?
I think I met you once on some waste ground behind a pub!
How kind of you to ask.
Is that cat glued to your head or is it  a transplant
Do you come here often or just when you are overwrought?
Who did you say you were?
Have we met or are  you  famous?You look familiar.I must be in love again
I;ve booked a hotel in that place that’s been flooded. for 2 weeks.How are you?
I say,old boy.How nice you asked.I’m fine I just got married again..I I have a lot more news…..ah,well.I never liked him much really,the bastard.
Where have you been all my life?
Fuck off or I’ll bite my nails and scratch my face with a twig off this old oak tree.
Do you know anyone here?You are my son!   I  just can’t believe it


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