My heart is apart

Love blinkered my eyes until my ears rang

A dove made off with with an ear ring I was wearing one night.Was it getting wed?

I love to crumple all the bees stings for tea
I can not meet your eye until it meets mine.
More than words can express, I love  your coffee coloured face
My head is winning for my heart is a bum….Blaze away,Pascal
My art  is baked daily
My heart clangs near you like a dungeon door shutting
My heart cries out Not you!
my heart is a lonely punter
My heart is a flame and you are the wood
My heart is a haughty book noone has read
My heart is drowning  tomorrow.Save me!
My heart is  on an island and I am on the shore.If you do not love me they are split for ever more
My heart is on the  fire as coal is too dear to me to burn.I
My heart is weary  of  numbers and letters.Am I cazy?
My heart laid bare your lies and then you read the riot with tact
She longs for your underpants to be washed and ironed,say nothing please
My hand reached out and stole a kissing couple’s  picnic
My heart sings to your i tunes
My heart waits for your passing daily.Please worry now.
My heart will always be in my shoes,I fear no evil,just the booze
My heart will never be a free payer
My heart dithered like a leaf in the storm and all for losing his arms
My lonely tart needs cream to annoint it
 Oh,where is my one shoed love?
my open soul shut down
My soul is a shadow in a passage in your book
My soul is a lone spirit looking for a bottle to enter… like those ships
My soul is on the high wire dancing madly but it’s too late
My soul was degraded to flare up and die but I defy!
My soul reached out with its own hands and touched him where no bee e’er stang
My soul took a  flight to California
My stomach is writhing in knots and loopd
My tears fell like trains colliding in a tunnel in the Alps
my wandering soul got lost in the mist
my weary soul is dying of sorrow
no man is an island and neither is a woman

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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