Simple wisdom

  • circles of words

    She has eyes in the back of her head

    In my childhood people often said things like this..sayings,adages often very wise.In this case,it’s a very vivid way of saying this person sees a lot,maybe more than others like.Because being looked at is nice but being scrutinised is unpleasant for most of us,I feel.
    On the other hand,with love it is different.

    He can’t take his eyes off her

    If you take this literally it sounds odd.But most language is dead metaphors.
    It conveys strongly how compelling this woman is to a certain man…is he afraid she will vanish?And his friends may say he’d be wiser to look round a bit more before committing himself to the possible anguish of love which may be unrequited.
    These sayings are very powerful sometimes.

    Keep putting one foot in front of the other

    You may think it’s trite,,, but I don’t.It’s saying ,just keep walking,keep moving………. and eventually it’s likely you will get to a better place,emotionally speaking.
    You may think if someone said that when you were feeling low that they were just unable to say anything original but in a way,it says what is important.
    Life is a journey and we keep travelling along even if it’s hard.I think though that the way you say it matters, and how you are already towards that person.
    Movement is important in life.Blood circulates,air goes in and out of our mouths and noses,water goes through us and out again carrying impurities.

    Put me through your kidneys,Lord
    Make me pure again…..
    No!No hymn like this,please.

    Of course,some poets have a gift of inventing new forms in which to express these important matters in life.Even adverts sometimes have compelling wordings.

    Go to work on an egg

    is very funny and we remember it.And it’s memory that recalls these adages to us when we need them

    “I may feel bad but I am a person who keeps my word so I will do what I promised even though I feel so upset”

    “We always have clean sheets every week and we always will as long a I am here.”

    Saying these things to ourselves is helpful in my view.And we are strengthened by doing what we wish to do and not lying drunken on the sofa all day.
    I am concerned that many of these wise words seem to have gone from our vocabulary,

    Cat and wool

    Keep the ball rolling.

    This means to keep life flowing even if only slowly I think… it;s using the idea of a game with a ball [Greek bole… to throw]
    Ball games are crucial to our identity as English,Welsh Irish,Scottish,French etc
    and then the game is a metaphor for life where playing well counts,not winning because in the end there is no winning or losing but we live the best life we can… in our own way ideally… that’s where poverty or slavery are so destructive.But even there,we see some people live with dignity and courage to shame the rest of us.

    Your own life is your work of art.

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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