• Oh, cradle my soul in your light

  • As I am in darkness tonight.

  • Fill me with your love

  • On earth,not above.

  • Your touch is both gentle and bright.

  • Seeing and feeling are one.

  • As senses conjoin yet are none.

  • I know it is so

  • The darkness shall glow

  • You are both god and person.


  • It seems like the heavens are weeping

  • Rain and snow fall while we’re sleeping

  • The clouds are grey black

  • As Northward they trek.

  • As for records, are they all we are keeping?


  • We dwell in a body of flesh

  • With others we love to enmesh.

  • Let’s get up and dance now

  • Love shows us how…

  • We dance to the tunes that refresh



  • We humans need meaning to create

  • The meaningless can agitate.

  • But stories abound.

  • Pick the best you have fo found

  • Get in there and start to narrate

  • In nature time goes round and round

  • Life’s a spiral, the wise man has found.

  • Each time I pass you

  • I see you anew

  • Until gently we are laid in the ground.


  • The end is the beginning,they say.

  • So say what is important today.

  • For time flows like a stream;

  •  What is ,soon has been.

  • So we are foolish to encourage delay


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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