Take you hands off my fee

A half naked idea  passed by wearing a tie
He has hammered his wails into the bookshelf and now it groans with my books
Take your hands  off my fee
Feel free after you pay me.
We’ll weep again,don’t know where,don’t  care when.
I’m bureaucratic but not psychoticI
I am a psychoanalyst .Keep talking wildly for  fifty minutes.Then stop woodenly and pay me
Can you  plea negotiate?
He can strangle ten cats with his glove.
May I put my elastic bands into the cat’s  handbag?
Why is there  so much handwriting on your wall?
Is this part of a pattern?
She was as handy as a pick on a  golden locket
They called it slang ,I swear, you dick headed prick.Pardon my French
What a lemony twang there is from your hair!
I hang on his evil words trying to bring them to earth for burial
May I hang myself from your picture redail to see if anyone wants me?
I am as happy as a freshly boiled soaked haddock
Please do not move this oak as such notions often upend the world
The dispossessed will be persecuted until Heaven
Are you happily pampered? If not ,don’t come here
What is a bard’s day or night but a long flow of rhythm?
He was headed like the best notepaper.He had his address on his hat
What is a hard stop and how is it related to a full stop
I find buttons hard to swallow
What a hair’s breadth from an idea,she was.But she could not make the leap
He has his leg up my chimney but it’s on fire and so am I
Send for the fryer brigade and  peel some potatoes
Haste makes love seal better.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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