Stan has therapy

Cat after therapy
Passion flowers
Passion flowers


Stan is feeling low and sad

His good wife Mary has gone mad.

Stan is feeling Guilt and Fear

He knows now that it’s wrong to leer.

Stan has been a naughty boy.

He let a mistress with him toy.

But Mary found his mobile phone

When she was at home all alone.

His mistress lived next door to him

Which made it most convenient to sin.

While Mary worked hard teaching maths

The lovers lingered in the bath.

He was meant to do the chores.

Chopping wood and painting doors.

He had to bake the cakes and bread.

So that the household would be fed.

But Stan into temptation fell,

As did his neighbour Anne as well.

They enjoyed kisses and hugs,

And lying down in woolly rugs.

So, Mary, she was most appalled.

She screamed and yelled and cried and bawled.

So Stan has gone for therapy.

What sort of changes will he see?

He lies down on a long brown couch.

Behind which the therapist crouches.

He says to Stan,”now let it rip.

I want your mouth to be unzipped.”

Was your mother kind to you?

Did she train you on the loo?

Did she wash yopur mouth with soap?

Was she prone to sulk and mope?

Stan thought this man verbose.

So he kept his own lips close.

When he got the bill to pay.

He told the therapist,”No way”

“You have been the one to talk.”

He glared like a crusading hawk.

“You should pay me,not I pay you!”

What was his therapist going to do!

“I’m glad you’ve managed to speak out.

Your sanity is not in doubt.

I’ll tear the bill up for this week.

And next time I want you to speak.”

So Stan unleashed his every thought

Just as the Freudians once had taught.

I don’t know how he feels inside.

But language is a useful guide.

And as he sees his therapist,

His mistress is not greatly missed.

He just wanted more attention,

So now his bad ways are all gone!

He got a part time job as well.

So he could pay his therapy bill.

Mary is still teaching maths.

And now it’s she with whom he baths!


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  1. I love your cats:)xx


  2. Mike says:

    Ha! Greatly enjoyed thank you.


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