Y not writhe a book 2nite


How to write gooder than your pest….
How to re-use male.
How to exceed in business and be very trying
How to bin friends and influence weasels.
How to get self esteem without really prying
How to love yourself on the moors.
How to march well with a strumpet or axe
how to love hard labour.
How to spell correctily forevere
How to earn some knew grammar
how to consummate with numbers and figures.
How to be less intimate with strangers
How to transmute your marriage.
Hpw to be an alchemist for non-readers
how to make love a menace..
How to make love on infinitely long lines.
How to be lesser than trivial
How to fax males and fix emails.
How to dissolve quarrelling forms in algebra
How to phone the dead
How to make money past longer
How to cook fakes at home without really defying
How to write books without sighing.
How to publish and write a knee book
how to get a contract for your writhing
how to use cutlery for creative activities.
How to amuse yourself and authors with really trying.
How to sound foreign everywhere in the world.
how to dissemble and act outrage.
how to live with rage and l ike it
How to stun hearts once and for all.


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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