By a large shop’s mirror I sat down and wept


The school tell me the children are totally nitless now
They are tested daily by flea circuses.. what a performance
And they even know how to read faces and use body language since most cannot talk….
So how can they read? Silently,no doubt
Some children wear nappies in school to save time going to the lav.. whatever next… taking a baby’s bottle to save paying for school dinners..?
Some folk think,why grow up when we die later…. why not stay as children.. but in the end most of us give in and give up the breast for a few short years.. then those with them are hunted by those without.I think it was very unfair not to give men a bosom of their own though perhaps it would lead to total narcissism and we don’t want that do we?Ahaa.

As for their organs?How about becoming a hermaphrodite on the NHS..Two fo’ one.Marry yourself and save money on beds..and sheets and so on.. I suppose it’s boring marrying someone you can’t see except through a mirror
Think about it.. you can see anyone at all except yourself… very save up or make a mirror from mercury.Just don’t eat it.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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2 Responses to By a large shop’s mirror I sat down and wept

  1. KatherineB says:

    If I can’t write a poem,then I play with words..some people I hope can enjoy my weird sense of humour..I thik any freindship of love is interesting precisely because we learn about another person and also about our sel too..:)


  2. Mike says:

    …and never be refused sex!!! 😀 An excellent Sunday afternoon article Katherine – well done and thanks for the chuckle.


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