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No,I’ll never love a hen again..
Her nose runs all day and she follows it on Facebowl
I bought a witch a broom   and now she gives me static
At least tantalize me till it’s light and I can go out and get my hair trimmed.
He gave me a laugh and many   more sinful emotions than I’ve ever had before
He kept me mating far too long.. you know what it’s like;one thing leads to a mother.
He laughed all the way to the bonk
I played a bar and then found many more in a music book
I pray for more catarrh in winter
I generally lay my bards on the table
l left my mark on his back.. nailed my man !
I leave no organ in tune but your double bass  gave me the willies
I’m just a reveller in my own lifetime
I was left by his faltering at the altar
He’s at my wits end
It was the fleeter of my two feet which ran faster than I did
I let the flat out  and hired a wheelie bin just to sleep in,you know what it’s like now in London
Let’s never pall again.
I’ll never wear a glove again.
No,I’ll never write a double negative for you.No. not ever
She said,let’s split now then she turned a  perfect cartwheel
My identity never achieved revolution
He preys all night and an owl is photographing his movements for the Daily Beast
Ariel is no longer a spirit… what would Shakespeare say


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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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