Viewpoints, a musing



What is the point of my view?
what is my point of view?

If you are in a different place from me then we need to take account of that.


A point of view depends on where you point,I suppose… you could rotate and see a different view from the same spot…
Now pointed questions ar a different thing altogether.. like arrows,perhaps.
A loaded question is like a gun.. dangerous or tormenting or showing power..
He has the appointed viewer here now…. a civil servant perhaps?A government official?
So many of our phrases come from art and poetry.. language was once entirely poetry until the metaphors set like hard jelly and we find it hard to burst out of it…as it were…
We live off the poetry of men and women long gone from this earth,though many no doubt became soil and so are still here spread about… all over the world.. just think a woem could be digesting Oliver Cromwell!



A worm has just a simple life
No sister, children nor a wife
And yet we never hear complaints…
Thus language gives and language taints

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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