In therapy with a flea doctor

  • My analyst says I have got a transference gnosis so I am saving up for a dictionary before I flea associate again…
    He said I have got a middle of the road personality disorder.
    He also said I am floundering on genius.How intriguing is that?
    My O.U tutor says he can teach me Nothing…just what I wanted
    My elocution class is electrocuting on stage soon.
    My intelligence is so high nobody can reach it or me.
    My lips stung last night….friendly fire.
    My nose feels odd… shall I add one?
    My eyes are blue but I am happy anyway.
    my dog has gone white overnight….from one excuse to another.
    I begged his pardon and he ignominiously scored over me.
    He wrote on his head,I am Bald….. he’s not so good at spelling is he?.
    I have lost my American express bard.
    I am so slim I can sleep on top of a radiator but my husband says it’s unfair… well he can diet…or become a radiator…love is not love unless you change your phrases


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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