Is email a terror?


Is he male and a terror? No,I mean  is email  an error?

I googled all night  with him.Am I with child or just wild?
I  got phished out of the river Jordan and went West and East as I can’t swim
He has broken my tart with his  ink
And deliver us from hacking.O,Lord. And surveill us not
Please flaunt me tonight and tomorrow.
The doctor want half my nose and  £3,000… Is  this a new rite de passage?
Deport me now,please let me row.And drown
I don’t love wolves  by the score.
My floor is always hoping for you to step on it
I love you so clutch.
He was schizo -affectionate.. he was in two blinds about me
His personality was ordered but we don’t  kno2 by whom.Anyway he was so orderly it was a disorder if you can blunderstand it like I don’t

He floundered all over me and wandered up and down.. eventually he managed to draw a map of my entire body.Is this usual in a boyfriend?

His sagacity was a fright to all.He blighted my troth


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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