I follow myself now


I have grown so conceited I have begun following my own blog.

I am so  vain I never look in the mirror, to avoid temptation.

I like to stroke my own head but people may think I am narcissistic…If they can spell it.

I comb my hair only once every week to avoid disturbing the insects.They are my friends,in a very itchy sense.

If I am rude please tell me as I like to  learn  good manners now I’m too old to enjoy anything else except sniffing glue.

I am so kind I comb the cat’s hair as the hairdresser refused.Well,I get pleasure from it even if the cat doesn’t and  who  buys its food?

I  enjoyed the Latin Mass but they abolished it…what has the Pope got against me? I think he’s so selfish I’ll never confess my sins again,I’ll just enjoy them  or abandon them


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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