Women in government and dress

Why should women have to be subjected to constant examination by the Press regarding their appearances
On the other hand, are thigh high slits in your skirt appropriate for women MP’s when you know what the Press is looking for?
In theory people can wear what they like but is there any limit?Would a headmistress or a doctor wear such clothing?Thigh slits are hard to wear as well, like mini skirts when you are in a Panel on News Night,One uncrossing ot your legs and there we see your charming undies…
I think what I mean is to say that there are boundaries with regard to dress and from the knees to the throat is probably best kept covered if you are in a profession or you are in the government…it may be hard to accept but why feed the media?

In other settings a highly slit skirt or a see though top may be quite a good outfit to wear.The Ministers in the government should be trying to avoid press comments which is not possible totally but why ask for it
One can look elegant and charming without showing off the intimate areas of the body in work settings.
We seem to have lost some sense.I don’t want my thighs on TV or in the Sun… mind you,my thighs would have the opposite effect nowadays.. no photo would be erotic,so I think though my husband disagrees..but it’s private to me and him


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