My skin is getting thinner

When they split the atom

I’m a thin skinned person
On a thin skinned, spinning earth.
We’re living on the surface,
Creating more financial worth.

My skin is getting thinner
I am feeling far too much.
My skin is very fragile,
I may need to have it patched.

The earth is full of danger
But we build on it like fools.
As if our skins would thicken
If we covered them in jewels.

Inside the earth are fires
Which rage like infernos.
But we build nuclear reactors
In places we don’t know.

We build our human cities
As if we are in charge.
Banks,shops,bridges growing,
The built world has grown too large.

The earth has a thinner skin on,
But we don’t want to know.
We just want our human cities
To grow and grow and grow.

My skin is getting thinner
I feel life far too well.
I don’t want to write poetry
But I feel that I should tell.

My skin is getting thinner
I’m at one with Mother Earth
She groans and labours loudly
Like she is giving birth.

Her skin is getting thinner
Is it something she will shed?
As adders are reborn
When we think they are dead.

But if we have too many cities
The earth has no space to move.
We’re like acne pustules dancing
Without energy or love.

The skin is getting thinner
The world is going to split.
And the energy released
Is a fierce charge to transmit.

We split the atom once
And opened the abyss.
But when we split the atom
Who knew about all this?

My skin is far too permeable
I’m feeling too much pain.
I want a thicker skin
To survive on this terrain.

The world groans and she labours
And she destroys cities and trains.
She’s giving birth to her own self
As she struggles,works and strains.

Her self is something fearsome,
She is not civilised.
When God spoke from the Burning Bush,
We covered up our eyes.

My skin is getting thinner
I feel the heat again
My skin is getting thinner
I’m feeling too much pain.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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