He ate a piece of rancid cod


Stan is feeling very odd
He ate a piece of rancid cod.
He hates to throw out bits of food,
but now his insides stewed.

He feels sick and tired of life.
He hates the housework and his wife.
He’s tired of cooking cakes for her.
And he dislikes her hair.

He does like talking to his cat.
They always have a friendly chat.
And he likes teaching tricks and jokes
And see….his ears do smoke!

He went to see a Doctor Brown
Who wore a bright red dressing gown.
He asked him why he had no suit.
And only wore one boot.

>Dr Brown said, Look here,you!
I’m the doctor,how do you do?
So Stan said “I am feeling sick.
The world whirls far too quick”

“Travel sickness is not nice,
The world spins once,then you spin twice.
I’ll give you some pink medicine,
See how you get on.”

“I want to get off, not get on.
My time on earth is surely done.
I want to hear angelic choirs
Instead of Mary’s tyres.”

“I think you’re very melancholy.
I prefer my patients to be jolly.
Please take Prozac ere you come”
“I’ve already taken twenty one
But I still feel so black and grey.
I can’t tell if it’s night or day.”
Oh,help me doctor,it’s that time,
When men run out of grime.”

“Now look her, Stan” the doctor said,
“I think that you should go to bed.
A little rest will do you good
And renovate your blood.”

“But who will bake the cakes and bread.
And make sure that the cat’s not dead?
And who will clean the purple bath
And sweep the garden path?”

So Doctor Brown began to cry.
He’s not much good but he does try.
So Stan went home and had a rest,
And ate some buttered toast.

Some days the world is too much here,
But other days it seems less queer
So Stan feels he can cope with life
And even with his wife!


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