Why We Should Write

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Paradise on Paper

By: Rebecca Taylor


The writing world is often scary. Like the globe, it stretches far and wide and there are many paths and avenues we can follow. For example, should we make writing our careers or should we choose a career that is a bit more certain. I opted for the latter option, based on sound advice years ago. This doesn’t mean, I don’t still write as you can see because you’re reading this. Despite the fact that it is scary and exhilarating, often all at the same time, why should we write?


1. I think it’s in our blood. If we’re meant to do something we will, for me, writing is one of those things, it is therapeutic, it is good entertainment – I can spend lots of time doing it without spending much money.


2. We have something to say, and we need to say it…

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2 Responses to Why We Should Write

  1. harevalour says:

    Ahhh I need to surround myself with more writers. Number 1 is oh so true- you’ll never get away from that almost primal urge to express yourself with words… I’d say ink, but few of us are inkslingers these days. Anyway, great post.


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