With charms like


abstract summer

I was unready for anything,
with no charms, like a bee.
Each fresh day is torture..
When you don’t hate me.

I was as tame as a mango,
I was alright in my mind.
Each night was  a daydream
Where you were  so kind.

I was harmed by your molars.
They were sharper than whales.
Each claw brought the moon out.
As you cut your nails.

Rolling stones gather….
Your heart is not mine.
I’ll give you what you wish for.
It ‘s a true new design .
As long as the clock speaks
As long as the rose.
As long as the bike pumps..
I’ll remember your nose.

As long as my patterns;
As brief as they are;
As long as my brain’s dead…
I shall parse on a star.

I love a good proverb.
I love no cliche.
When you find some Wisdom
Do not never pay.

Justice long as a ruler,
Sharpened to a screw.
When you are more kind,then
I may leak what I brew
As long as the flat Earth
As wise as it’s broad.
The moon in the water
Heard the crow caw.

Please hear my tall story
Sing  beside my cello.
I may fail at  the Wife Class
But I can  still say,Oh,no!

I went to the Church belle,
And asked for a clue.
The finger on the dial
Keeps pointing at you.

The music of laughter,
The joy of details,
I went by the river
and the moon never paled

I know the  sky’ s tilted
My muse is with me.
Don’t sting like a buttercup
Nor like a striped bee.


About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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3 Responses to With charms like

  1. I love this and the image:)xxx


    • KatherineB says:

      I am happy to learn you enjoyed my nonsense poem and my image.I want to go back to my digital rt as sometimes when words won’t come an image is a way to express feelings.I have got this little chromebook but my art software is in the big laptop.And Paint by microsoft which I used fpr drawing cats and apples inspired by your apple paintings…I am so lucky I met you,Janet.You are inspiring.:)xx


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