Take up bread making……. it’s so satisfying

A Wondering Minstrel I


My darling daughter in law gave me this recipe, and she got it from her next door neighbour. My D-I-L tries everything. She’s not afraid of trying something new. You have to have a cast iron pot that will be okay in a hot oven.
Mix three cups good flour, pinch salt,  one sachet dried yeast (original recipe had half that but the full dose works, rises better and not too yeasty) and  one and a half cups warm water.
Mix well with wooden spoon, but don’t knead and don’t stress.
Cover with glad wrap overnight. Next day: With wet hands flatten the dough onto floured baking paper and fold it into the middle from three or four sides.
Chuck it back in bowl, this time on top of baking paper lining the bowl. After a couple hours when it has risen again, tip it into a very very hot…

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