What Your Brain Wants MOST for YOU

This has some wonderful images even if you don’t read all of the post

The Flowering Brain

Simply put, using word and picture metaphors, our brain wants to help us turn Image-Z:

Your Neural Net on LifeYour Chaotic Image-Z Brain Neurons

into Image-Q:

An Image-Z BrainYour Organized Image-Q Brain Neurons

An Image-Z brain is dizzy and disorganized, easily emotionally hyper-aroused. Image-Z brains struggle with sustaining attention and most are excellent at making up wild and crazy storiesabout the future and the past and then cunningly convincing us that they’re true. Except, at any moment our Image-Z brain is serving up those stories, 99.9% of the time everything around us in our immediate environment is generally, A-OK. Our Image-Z Brain does things that make us later scratch our head and wonder, “What the hell was I thinking?” It also is the reason we find ourselves becoming quite practiced at offering apologies to the people around us.

Shaping Up the Q

Image-Q is how the neurons in your brain look when they’re integrated and…

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